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Our customer is a leader in CRM/OMS (customer relationship management and order management system) platform where e-retailers can design, build, grow, and scale up their online retail stores. They are the #1 CRM of choice for both smaller start-ups and booming 9 figure businesses.


Technologies we used

Grape Js_Web_Builder | Flyers Soft

Grape Js

React_Web_Builder | Flyers Soft

React Js

Invision_Web_Builder | Flyers Soft


6 months of project

Users | Flyers Soft

2 Team Members

Retail Industry

The Objective

The objective is to design & develop a web builder which helps to create custom designs using drag-and-drop editor, easy-to-use interface with minimal/no coding or design skills required.

The Challenge

The client was in need of a Technology solution provider to build a simple and intuitive Enterprise OMS application for their customers so that they can custom build their web page to suit their needs. The existing Form Builder tool showed a lack of bandwidth in creating custom forms to meet their requirements and restricted further customization.

Our Solution

Flyers Soft proposed a system that makes use of Grapes JS plug-in. The proposed system makes use of an open-source web builder which will provide the developers with a base and customize it according to the end user.

  • Application Services
  • Performance Testing
  • User Experience Testing

Key Features

  • Application Services
  • Performance Testing
  • User Experience Testing

Our Latest Case Study

case study

Enterprise Payroll Management Systems

Our customer is UAE’s largest salary processing provider with whom, the customers can Process, schedule and track their payroll.

case study one

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