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Meet the Client!

John, a young professional, recently bought a new house and was excited to get started on the interior design. However, he was having trouble visualizing how different furnishings would look in his new space. He needed a way to see how furniture and décor would fit and look in his new home before making any purchases.


Technologies we used

React Js

Unity 3d





3 months of project

Users | Flyers Soft

11 Team Members

Real Estate

The Objective

To provide best virtual experience to visualize furnishing details before actually furnishing the interior of the house

The Challenge

John had heard of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) but had never used either technology before. He was unsure if either of these solutions would help him visualize his new home and make educated decisions on furniture.

Our Solution

After some research, John contacted FlyersSoft to get the solution for his home interior design. He contacted them and scheduled a consultation to see if they could help him. During the consultation, John explained his challenge and the company showed him examples of their work, including a VR experience that allowed him to walk through a virtual model of his home. FlyersSoft demonstrated an AR app that allowed him to place virtual furniture and decor in his actual home using his smartphone camera.


John was impressed with how both AR and VR helped him visualize his new home and make informed decisions about furniture and decor. With the help of the AR app, he was able to test out different color schemes, layouts, and styles without ever having to leave his house. The VR experience provided him with a more immersive experience and allowed him to see the space as if he were physically there. Ultimately, John was able to confidently purchase furniture and decor for his new home, knowing that they would fit and look great in his space.


AR and VR technologies have revolutionized the interior design industry, providing customers with a more personalized experience and helping them make informed decisions about their home décor. As these technologies continue to advance, it's likely that more and more people will turn to AR/VR for their interior design needs.

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