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Our customer is a leader in corporate payment solutions. It is an innovative mobile app that provides all the essential and value-added services to subscribers in the UAE. The app allows employees to send money to local and international locations, take advance loans on salary, check balance, transaction history, get card statements and so on. Their aim is to provide their users with the simplest and the quickest way of managing their money.


Technologies we used

Grape Js

Grape Js

React JS

React Js


7 months of project

Users | Flyers Soft

3 Team Members


Fin-Tech Industry

The Objective

To create a mobile application to send money in minutes, view your balance and transactions anytime and anywhere.

The Challenge

Lack of resources bandwidth to perform software testing and QA to minimize the risk of failure of the application.

Our Solution

We proposed load testing with an objective of the 20,000-users load test. With our strong performance test engineers and functional test automation engineers, we performed both functional and non-functional testing for their application. Our team did live reporting, a post-execution report and a detailed analysis report. Our team also suggested a few tuning measures and also made sure that all the performance issues are fixed at the code level before going for higher volume load tests.


As a result of the above proposed solution statement, the application underwent rigorous functional and non-functional testing, ensuring its thorough evaluation. The team's use of live reporting, post-execution report, and detailed analysis report provided stakeholders with valuable insights to gain a comprehensive understanding of the application's performance. By implementing tuning measures and addressing performance issues at the code level, the team fortified the application, equipping it to handle higher volumes of users with improved efficiency and reliability.

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