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Meet the Client!

Our client is a pioneer in the home health care industry. They have developed products and services which help home health providers create clinical programs, manage large populations more efficiently, and drive value to strategic partnerships.


Technologies we used








C Sharp

20 months of project

Users | Flyers Soft

3 Team Members


The Objective

The objective is to ensure the product is tested both functionally and non-functionally to minimize the risk of failure of the application.

The Challenge

Lack of QA expertise and bandwidth.

Our Solution

We proposed load testing with an objective of the 20,000-users load test. With our strong performance test engineers and functional test automation engineers, we performed both functional and non-functional testing for their application. Our team did live reporting, a post-execution report and a detailed analysis report. Our team also suggested a few tuning measures and also made sure that all the performance issues are fixed at the code level before going for higher volume load tests.

Key Features

Missing information

  • Technical design documents
  • Test plan document
  • Defect log document
  • Lessons learnt document
  • Checkpoint validation document

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